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Doujinshi - Your Voice Calling

I must say, I got this one done way quicker than the last. Though that isn't saying a lot.

Your Voice Calling
Series: Final Fantasy XII
A super-special thanks to ronsencock for the raws!

Sequel to "Beyond the Sky". Balthier finds out what Basch is up to after the end of the game, Basch is having a hard time of it. Many, many feelings. Spoilers as to what happens after the game.



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Thoughts? Comments? Recs? Anyone?

I have bravely (or crazily) signed up to write a Basch/Blathier manifesto for ship_manifesto and was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on the pairing they'd like to share, or fics to recommend or even just essay title suggestions. I will give full credit, of course.

ART: Respite

I know this com isn't all that active anymore, but hopefully there's still some lurkers. I still love the boys and all, and I wanted to share this pic I did of them last night.


Mostly work safe? IDK, there's no bits showing or anything, but they aren't wearing clothes and they're very... intimate.

Whole thing under the cut.Collapse )

[Fancomic] Nightmare

Rating: PG-13 (mild violence)
Pairing: Balthier and Basch
Summary: Basch has a nightmare and accidentally hurts Balthier, and then apologies. This actually has written dialogue planned for it, but I thought it looked okay without text.

Nightmare (5 pages)Collapse )

Sorry for my weird stories ;__; I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures, though!



5 Things That Never Happened to Balthier

Rating: G-R
Betas: Arora_Kayd and Deliah-Raven. All remaining mistakes mine. Thanks, guys!
Disclaimer: Blah blah don't own, do want.
Warnings: Slight, vague spoilers to the endgame.

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[Fanart] Dash of snark

Rating: G (safe for work)
Pairing: Balthier and Basch
Warnings: none
 insert witty remarkCollapse )

CAPTION CONTEST! Jot out what you think Balthier's saying to Basch - best one gets a free sketch of their choice 8D

Hope you enjoyed!



Fic - "Auxiliary"

So many things to catch up on! Yay. But first, I give you a fic.

Title: Auxiliary
Beta: point_earedpain
Fandom/Pairing: Final Fantasy XII
Disclaimer: Owned by Square Enix
Summary: This has been sitting on my computer for so long, I don't even know anymore. All I can say is apparently I was channeling George Lucas.

("Why is it always the simple missions that go wrong?")

Fake cut to our joint community, wallkink.


Noticeable. Basch/Balthier & Fran/Penelo

Title: Noticeable
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Characters: Balthier, Basch, mentions Fran, Penelo, Ashe and Vaan
Pairings: Fran/Penelo and Basch/Balthier
Prompt: Unexpected
For: ff_yuri_drabble
Rating: PG
Summary: The rest of the team has begun to notice the tension between the Viera and the orphan.



NoticeableCollapse )

Concerning The Courage of Being Free

All new updates will be posted at my journal. Said journal is f-locked.
In case anyone wants to read it, just add me and I will add you in return.

Drabble: Between Eart and Sky. PG13

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Title: Between Earth and Sky
Characters/Pairings: Basch, Balthier, Vossler. Basch/Vossler & Basch/Balthier; slash-goggles & magnifying glass needed.
Prompt: 64. Betrayal for ff_fortnightly
Spoilers: Up to Shiva
Rating/Warnings: PG13 for betrayal and mild angst.
Notes: Look who's no longer ignoring Vossler's existence. Abstract drabble is abstract.



Between Earth and SkyCollapse )

Title: Haunting
Final Fantasy XII

Rating: PG

Characters: Basch & Balthier. Hinted Basch/Balthier

Series: None. Short oneshot

Warnings & Notes: No warnings really, nothing actually happens in this oneshot but I just felt like writing it. It's giving me a break from the Reno/Tseng piece that I somehow started... Also I do not own the game or it's characters.

HauntingCollapse )

[Fancomics] Oasis + 3 miscellaneous

Pairings: Balthier/Basch
Rating: R

This is an old-ish scribble comic I doodled back in early June, set immediately after the party leaves Nalbina and is on the way to Dalmasca. After that, a few one-page comics (x

LOTS OF COMICS (15 pics)Collapse )

AND THAT'S IT FOLKS sorry for the huge picspam xD;;



Fic. Prologue. (Devoted Hounds)

Title: Prologue
Devoted Hounds (1/??)

Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII (Compilation)/Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Tseng, Lazard, Reeve, Rufus, Cissnei, Gun
Pairing: Mild but not so subtle hints of Lazard/Tseng and Rufus/Tseng
Warnings: None that I can think of
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 062. Appear

Summary: The Turks have been working around the clock to investigate energy spikes following a large, unexplainable explosion over The Southern Oceans.

Notes: I'm not sure if this is allowed. This crossover fic will feature Basch and Balthier at somewhat a later stage (they will be introduced in about a chapter or two), so I thought it a bit strange not to post every chapter of this Arc. Please let me know if it is not allowed.

PrologueCollapse )

Title: A Different Sort Of Insanity
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
: Basch/Balthier

Characters: Balthier, Basch, Fran

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: up to the The Yensa region (character and location)
Notes: My Balthier always seems to doubt Basch's sanity. For once it's not Balthier that hits on Basch. Anyhow, enjoy.

A Different Sort of InsanityCollapse )

Hi Uhm It's Bohemian again and I wish to post a Fic/Art Challenge and/or Request. My friend and I have been talking. One of the reason we got into Final Fantasy XII Is because of Gabranth.(We played Dissidia and when she got Gabranth she Owned me soooo Much it was sickening..My poor Warrior of Light~</3 )

Yes he's the reason but he's seems almost Non-existent in the fandom (in my humble Opinion, I don't really look because I'm trying to avoid the Remaining spoilers I haven't heard). Anyways As we talked I kinda Brought up I REALLY REALLY love Basch/Balthier and that Led to us wanting to see Basch/Gabranth/Balthier. Or would it be Basch/Balthier/Gabranth? Y'know cause Balthier would be in the middle.. ..I dunno...

Anyways I just wanted to see if anyone would like to write a Fan Fic or Do Fan Art with this pairing. If I shouldn't have posted this here then tell me so I know I'm doing something wrong. x.x

So yeah Uhh I'll post guidelines if people need them..Only one I can think of is Keep them in character as much as you can...Eheh..Yeah...Okay I'm done. Next time you see me Post it will be some Icons..


Hi I'm new and a Banner huur.

 Hello I'm new here. It's really cool community here and I really like looking through all the post. So much that I even created a banner from one of the Doujins posted. I just wanted opinions on it see if there anything I could do to make it more...Fitting to the characters.

Uhm Yeah here it is.

When a Tornado meets a VolcanoCollapse )

Yeah I know I could do better but bleh. Hehe the lyrics are from a rap song but whatever, if someone knows more fitting lyrics please tell me. :D I'm also very open on hbow to make this better,

Anyone nice to meet everyone. Hope we can all become good friends.

Drabble: Frostbite (pg-13)

Title: Frostbite
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters/Pairing: Balthier/Basch
Arc: None
Words: 641
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, Hurt/Comfort and badly written fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy XII or its characters, I make no money from this.

Note: con-crit desperately  wanted.


FrostbiteCollapse )

[Fic] Resin (2/?)

Title: Resin
Fandom: post Final Fantasy XII, no RW since I haven't played it D:
Pairing: Balthier/Basch, eventually Balthier/Basch/Fran
Rating: PG-13 for now
A/N: Durr, I have no idea where I'm going with this xD I am so out of practice! Chapter one found here!

Not much for subtleties, this pirate, Basch thinks fondly, and raises a scarred arm in acceptance.Collapse )


[Fic] Resin (1/?)

Title: Resin
Fandom: post Final Fantasy XII, no RW since I haven't played it D:
Pairing: eventually Balthier/Basch, and Balthier/Basch/Fran
Rating: PG-13 for now
A/N: This chapter was originally a doodled lined-paper fancomic I drew on an airplane ride from Guadalajara to Monterrey, so it's pretty sketch. I'm not a terribly good writer (in fact, I haven't written a decent-length fanfic since 2006), but I always appreciate comments! Title is from the In Flames song by the same name.

There's something to be said about the unnervingly quiet hours of the night, when all seems deceptively calm. Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed!



Nightwatch 2 (fancomic + drabble)

Characters: Basch, Balthier
Pairings: none
Rating: G

Read more...Collapse )

Aaand another fail comic + drabble! XD I can never finish these properly, and they never seem to have much plot... Anyway, a pseudo-sequel to the First Nightwatch. Hope you enjoyed! English is not my first language, so some structures might seem weird.