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Title? We Don't Need A Title!

A Basch/Balthier community

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Welcome to the first, and only from what I've seen, LiveJournal community for the Final Fantasy XII pairing of Basch and Balthier.

This community allows the following:

~ Fanfiction (relating to either or both of the characters)
~ Fanart (relating to either or both of the characters)
~ General comments on the ship and/or characters
~ General greetings to the community. Welcome posts are always...welcome.
~ Webpages
~ RP journals for either of the two characters
~ Discussions on the ship and/or characters.

ETA: All fanworks rated R or higher must be friendslocked.

Things that aren't allowed in this community:

~ Community ads (unless the community has something to do with Balthier/Basch).
~ Fanfiction or fanart for any pairings other than Balthier/Basch.

Please place anything over five hundred words underneath an LJ-cut. Just your judgment if you're not sure of the word count. Thank you!

When posting fanfiction or fanart, please use an lj-cut, regardless of length. Also, a rating and spoiler warnings if necessary.

Romantic -- BxB Fanlisting

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gravitypulls12: a Final Fantasy XII yaoi community

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the community maintainer, riprosencrantz at the email address given above.